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You may remember at Christmas, we made our Christmas Hit George Reece's Every Little Thing. Now, the singer, songwriter, producer (frankly the list goes on) has released a new five-track EP, All Of The Lights.

It's hard to pinpoint what genre George's music falls into as he clearly draws on a lot of influences and is no stranger to producing a wide range of music. He even once created a track using the sounds made by his baby nephew. Whilst that track hasn't quite made the cut of this record, the five that did are really quite stunning!

The EP opens with Lights, carrying an electronic futuristic vibe, complete with sonic beats and synths. Paired with George's falsetto, the track is wonderfully entrancing and dreamlike, hooking you in on the first listen.

Next up is Park Poem, which begins with a very long instrumental of almost two minutes and features a fairly long interlude, giving the track an overall time of seven and a half minutes. Think such a long time makes a track tedious? You need to listen to this. Featuring moments that are nothing short of twinkly as well as some epic guitar riffs, this song has everything - an effortlessly classic feel with a contemporary twist.

It may start slow but So Old, So Young soon turns into a head-bopping (predominantly) acoustic pop hit. A pretty relatable tune for millennials, or quite possibly anyone who feels like they're coming of age, yet still so young. Like Park Poem, it features a quick electronic solo, and George displays his vocal range, hitting some high notes at the track's conclusion.

The EP certainly is 'All Of The Lights' with the penultimate song aptly titled Little Light. With a lightly (sorry) punchy drum kick and piano, the track is much more dulcet than its predecessors, greatly slowing the pace of the record.

Bought Us A Car closes the EP, and with George's voice taking on a gritty tone, it feels slightly alternative/rock, although as we said before, it's not always possible to pin down exactly what genre George fits into - no bad thing! 

Each time George Reece releases something, expect to be surprised at every turn. Having written countless songs, produced various albums and always eager to take on new musical projects, he certainly knows how to tackle all three with poise - and executes them brilliantly. If you're going to download any DIY musician's EP this month, make it George's.

Watch the video for Little Light below! 

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